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Mansfield Wheel alignment centre

We are wheel alignment specialists who with
a state of the art wheel alignment tracking system
called Hawkeye, allows your vehicle to be adjusted, so that it has exact wheel alignment to match your vehicle manufacturer settings, exactly. This improves your cars carbon footprint by reducing tyre wear, reducing fuel consumption, improve handling and thus safer driving. Many local dealers use us for their vehicle alignment, why not you... Book now and save fuel costs.

Tyre Replacement Sales and Service
  To compliment our wheel alignment service, Mansfield Wheel Alignment Centre (Tyre4u),  sell and provide high quality tyres, with a top quality fitting service including high tech wheel balancing. We also have special tyre removal and replacement equipment made by Hunter, guaranteed not to damage specialised wheels, such as low profile alloys. All of the pressure  parts have special replaceable protective pads which ensures the no damage   experience. We can fit standard tyres, Run Flat tyres, and Clippé Pax Tyres(all types).

Find out more about out our specialist tyre fitting service.    


Servicing and Repairs

In addition to the specialist tyre alignment fitting we also carry out services and repairs to cars and light vehicles to a very high standard. We specialise in suspension and steering faults.

Our work shop is fitted with full hydraulic  gantry lifts which enables us to to undertake any vehicle repair in addition to suspension and steering faults.


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