Tyre4U are a suspension specialist, so we therefore
service and repair vehicle suspensions.

We have found that many cars coming into our
workshop for wheel alignment, have problems with
worn and damaged suspension parts as a result
of normal road use.

It is pointless to have wheel alignment and new tyres if
the car has faulty suspension parts prior to our mechanics carrying out your work.

We have therefore brought in a new feature with all wheel alignment requests, to carry out  a FREE check of your vehicles suspension. If any defect is found we can offer to repair this for you prior to the wheel alignment process.

We do however carry out other mechanical servicing, which includes brakes, gearboxes and engines.

Our workshop has four post car lifts which enables our mechanics to access every point of your car

Our mechanics follow the recommended Manufacture’s Service Schedule for your vehicle.
Due to new legislation, block exemption by main dealers has been lifted, this means that we can service your vehicle from the moment that you purchase it, until the end of the vehicles life.

You now do not have to pay high dealer prices, but can be assured of a high quality service, which does not break
any warranty agreements.

On servicing your vehicle, we use BG Flushes and treatments where appropriate, unless you specifically request us not too. These flushes can improve engine performance, reduce exhaust emission, improve fuel economy and reduce engine wear.


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