At Tyre4 U Ltd we have installed in our workshop the latest state of the art total wheel alignment centre.

Why Total Alignment? Because it reduces tyre wear, gives better MPG, improves handling which leads to safer driving.

We use a system called Hawkeye. We place onto your vehicle special self aligning targets. These are attached to each wheel. With four high definition digital cameras in an aligner tower, the system looks at the set up of your vehicle and give our technician a full read out  via a computer of how your vehicle is aligned.   With this information the technician can adjust your car to the exact specifications that was provided by your vehicle manufacturer.

The system can compensate for misaligned fixed rear axel vehicles.
This  means that when aligned correctly your vehicle has the perfect travel
along the road, with no resistance from dragging or sideways pushed

Say you drive your car for 12000 miles per year. A car with toe angle
maladjustment of 0.34 degrees or 0.17 of an inch out of specification
will drag the tyres sideways for more than 68 miles by the end of the year.

We recommend you fit new tyres after this procedure to obtain the best
results so we have the special web offer to the left.

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 High speed Cameras
Measure the alignment
on each wheel with
the targets


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